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What is a Plastic Bag Making Machine And How Does it Work?

Nowadays, plastic bags are a type of plastic packaging that helps us to hold and protect our necessities,or what we bought from the retail store and online buying. Plastic bags have made our life more convenient in daily life, but do you know how plastic bags were made? 

In this article, we are going to tell you how plastic bags were made, and introduce to you different types of plastic bag making machines that can make different types of plastic bags.

What is plastic bag making machine?

There are different types of plastic bag making machines to produce various types of plastic bags, for instance Pouch Bag Making Machine, Garbage Bag Making Machine, Bag On Roll Making Machine, T-shirt bag making machine and more. These machines produce the plastic bag we see everywhere in our daily life today. Let’s go into more detail on each machine.

Pouch Bag Making Machine

The pouch bag making machine is a packaging machine developed based on the plastic production technology. It is capable of extruding thin film and punching holes in thin film, the machine suitable for various kinds of materials such as HDEP, LDPE, PP, and more. The pouch bag making equipment is widely used in producing bags for medicine, chemical products, food and beverage industries.

pouch bag making machine

Garbage Bag Making Machine

Normally the garbage bag making machine can make the garbage bag in a roll or fold the bags with a folding system. In the market, there are three types of garbage bags that are designed to suit the requirements of consumers, for example: regular sized garbage bags, tough bags and heavy duty garbage bags. Any of these three bags can be produced by the garbage bag making machine.

Bag On Roll Making Machine

Bag on roll making machines are designed to convert plastic films into coreless plastic bag rolls such as garbage bags, trash bags, trash bin liners, and etc. The machine includes a feeding system, cutting system, reeling system and sealing system. It can produce different types of plastic bags with different thicknesses and sizes according to customers’ requirements.

The bag on roll making machine also can be used for both single-layer film and multi-layer film with different widths of bag.

T-shirt bag Making Machine

This machine is used for making the T-shirt bag. It can cut the bag and sew it one time, the material such as HDPE, LDPE, and Recycled Material will be heated and cut, then the bag will be sewn by sewing wheel automatically. The whole process of making a T-shirt bag only needs less than 3 minutes, which is very fast and efficient.

The main feature of the t-shirt bag making machine is that it can cut the material by hot cutting type, which is more durable and reliable than cold cutting type. The machine is widely used in many industries, such as the garment industry, cosmetic industry, food packaging industry etc.


The most significant advantage of Plastic Bag Making Machines is that it cuts down on labor cost. With automation, there is a reduction in total labor cost, as less skilled workers are required to perform the same task. It also increases speed, efficiency and quality by using an automatic plastic bag making machine. The process is rather simple-the resources are fed into the cutting and sealing station where it is cut into the required size before sealing it to produce a finished product that is at par with other plastic bags available in the market.