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all electric blow molding machine

3 Reason For Choosing All Electric Blow Molding Machine

In plastic manufacturing industries, machines are vital and expensive assets, especially in the blow molding industry, machines often need to be maintained to keep the machine in high productivity. However, with the cost of maintenance and energy comsumption are skyrocketing and the demand for cheaper products becoming ever greater, it is vital to reduce energy consumption in all machinery.

Therefore, many manufacturers are choosing all-electric models of blow molding machines. Here’s why with continuous improvement and development, more and more manufacturers are turning their attention to all-electric blow molding machines. The advantages of an All-electric blow molding Machine are more obvious.

 Energy Saving And Environmentally Friendly

Compared with the traditional one, an all-electric blow molding machine is more energy saving and environmentally friendly. The consumption of electricity is less than 60% of the traditional one’s consumption. Because it does not need any lubrication oil in the whole process, such as filling material, cooling and blowing process etc., it has little pollution to our environment.

Lower Maintenance Cost

All-electric blow molding machine has lower maintenance cost than traditional ones because there is no need for lubrication oil change and other parts replacement every year or so which costs much money for maintenance company to do that job in traditional technology but with less operation cost in each time use it can be seen as an advantage comparing other kinds of blow machines.

High Durability

All-electirc blow molding machine has a longer life span than traditional ones which may give customers stable performance during its service life period.

These are just some of the benefits that come with all-electric blow molding machines. It’s clear that these machines are becoming more and more popular among manufacturers, but there are still many who have yet to make the switch. If you’re one of them, maybe it’s time to consider making the switch yourself!