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quick mold change system

Manufacturers of Quick Mold Change Solutions

The Quick mold change is a process improvement method that minimizes changeover time, production start-up time, or adjustment time of the mold. SMED is the term from Japan in the early 1950s and was developed by Toyota. SMED benefits include: The mold change time is shortened, the equipment or the assembly line can be switched according to the customer’s needs, the customer’s requirements can be met without additional inventory, and the delivery time is shortened.

There are some manufacturers offering quick mold change solutions in the world. In this article, we will introduce some well-known manufacturers and their super features. 

quick mold change system

Manufacturers of Quick Mold Change Solutions in Asia :

  • Forwell
    Forwell has been a pioneer of Quick Mold Change Systems for many years. With over 20 years of experience in developing these systems, they offer the best for molding operations. They also offer fully customizable Quick Mold Change Systems that drastically minimize setup times, maximize efficiency and increase safety. Forwell’s Quick Mold Change System can be designed to fit almost any injection molding machine and mold casting machine.
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  • Sandsun
    Quick Die Change System and Quick Mold Change System is Sandsun’s main product. They offer highly customized solutions for QMC and QMD mold change system manufacturing services, including die carts, rollers, die clamps. They supply to India, the United States, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, and more!
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  • Kosmek
    Kosmek is the manufacturer offering quick mold change systems in Japan. Their products are used for injection molding machines, press machines, and diecast machines.
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  • Pascal
    Pascal has been supplying reliable, cutting-edge manufacturing solutions to some of the world’s largest manufacturers for several decades. They help businesses streamline and automate their manufacturing processes. Pascal‘s products are utilized in automotive, consumer electronics, chemicals, plastics, heavy machinery, and many other markets.
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Manufacturer of Quick Mold Change Solutions in America :

  • Green Valley
    Green Valley has been in business for nearly 25 years. They have significant manufacturing and engineering flexibility while operating from 32,000 sq/ft facility on 10 acres. They serve major industries including aerospace, agriculture, appliance, automotive, marine industry, construction equipment, farm machinery, furniture, HVAC, medical, industrial equipment manufacturing, military and defense, plastic injection molding.
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Manufacturer of Quick Mold Change Solutions in Europe :

  • Stäubli
    Stäubli offers three mold clamping technologies: mechanical, hydraulic, and magnetic, which are suitable for both existing and new presses. Their clamping systems are designed to be incorporated seamlessly into the installations and processes while ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel. Stäubli’s expertise in loading and mold clamping, energy connection, and robotic systems for the plastics industry.
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  • EAS
    EAS develops, produces and sells components and turnkey systems for quick tool changes on plastic injection molding machines as well as on presses, stamping and die casting machines. They supply components as well as full and semi-automatic clamping and coupler systems for machines of all ages and sizes, playing a leading role in automation equipment in Europe.
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