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4 Common Equipment for Plastic Film Pelletizing Line

More and more plastic film manufacturing plants are looking for ways to reduce waste and recycle materials that are used in plastic film manufacturing processes.  Plastic pelletizing is the best way to repurpose plastic waste. There are many types of Plastic Film Pelletizing Machines in the recycling industry. The key manufacturers are Genius, Polystar in Asia, and Erema in Europe. Besides, there are some more suppliers from China or other countries.

Selecting a proper plastic film pelletizing machine is critical. You can consult an experienced manufacturer or review this selection guideline published in 2022. After getting more understanding, then you will know how to choose the right one to fit your plastic film production line.

In this article, we will discuss the 4 common equipment for plastic film pelletizing and recycling lines.

  1. Film washing line
    Fully automatic film washing lines are the ideal solution for film recycling. It turns dirty and soiled PP film or PE films into contaminant-free film pieces.
  2. Plastic crusher
    The Plastic crusher is a high-speed operating machine. It is designed to break up all kinds of soft and hard plastic film. You can easily make different grain sizes by changing the sifting screen with holes in different sizes.
  3. Plastic squeeze dryer
    The plastic film squeeze dryer is designed for dewatering drying the washed plastic films or bags. 
  4. Single shaft plastic shredder
    The single shaft plastic shredder is designed for shredding materials. Besides plastic films, such as LDPE, PP, PE film, or woven bags.

More and more processors are looking for one machine recycling all types of materials. Therefore, the machine manufacturer Genius from Taiwan developed a “cutter compactor plastic recycling machine” which combines cutting, extrusion, and pelletizing. Compared to the conventional recycling machines, it doesn’t need a separate crusher and therefore improves making consistent high-quality pellets.