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If You Read One Article About Plastic Pelletizing. Read this one.

What is Plastic Pelletizing

Plastic granulation is a process of plastic mechanical processing. In the process of plastic granulation, it is necessary to explore and master skills according to the performance and practice of the machine, so as to continuously improve the quality and technology of plastic products. The screw and barrel of the pelletizing extruder adopt advanced “building block” design. The screw is composed of various forms of screw blocks set on the mandrel. Adjustment, so as to flexibly combine the ideal threaded element structure according to the process requirements such as material varieties, and realize various process processes such as material transportation, plasticization, thinning, shearing, exhausting, pressure building and extrusion. It solves the contradiction between the so-called universality and specificity of the screw that is generally difficult to take into account, and achieves the purpose of one machine with multiple functions and one machine with multiple functions. Another advantage of the “building block” design is that the worn screw and barrel elements can be partially replaced, which avoids the scrapping of the entire screw or barrel and greatly reduces maintenance costs.

The Applicaion of Plastic Pelletizer